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Winter is the season for hot cocoa, cozy sweaters, and picturesque snowfalls. It all sounds like fun and games until you realize you need to go out and clean up after your furry friend. In fact, it doesn’t seem like scooping poo can get much worse until you must complete the chore in frigid temperatures. Explore the challenges of cold weather poop scooping so you can make this task much easier in the winter.

Frozen Poop Complicates Scooping

One of the primary challenges of scooping dog poop in cold weather is dealing with pet waste that is frozen to the ground. Temperatures can quickly freeze your pup’s poo, making it challenging and uncomfortable to pick up. Wearing thick gloves can help protect your hands, but you must be prepared to use a little elbow grease to remove the frozen mess.

Searching For Poop Is Difficult

When a blanket of snow covers your yard, locating the piles of your pup’s waste can become quite challenging. Search diligently for any telltale signs, such as uneven snow or little brown mounds peeking through the white. If possible, it also helps to watch where your furry companion goes to the bathroom so you’re not stuck out there longer than you need to be searching for poo landmines.

It’s Tough To Keep Your Fingers Warm

Picking up dog poop in cold weather means exposing your hands to freezing temperatures. Wearing insulated gloves is essential to keep your fingers warm and prevent frostbite. Avoid gloves that are too bulky, as these can reduce your dexterity, making it difficult to pick up the poop properly.

There Are Health Risks Associated With Unattended Poop

Leaving dog waste unattended in your yard poses various health risks to both humans and animals. In cold weather, the harmful bacteria and parasites in dog poop can become more resistant to decomposition. This means that leaving poop unattended in your yard during the winter months can increase the risk of infection or disease for any family or pets who come into contact with the waste.

Hire a Dog Poop Pick-Up Company

Encountering the challenges of cold weather poop scooping is a common issue faced by pet owners during the winter months. The task can be time-consuming and unpleasant. However, you can avoid these challenges and keep your yard clean by turning to a professional dog poop pick-up company.

Poop Patroller would be happy to come to your home and scoop the poop for you! Our professional staff has the expertise and equipment to clean your yard effectively. By outsourcing this responsibility, you can avoid the cold and instead enjoy that hot cocoa while snuggled up next to your pup. Don’t worry—we’ll do the dirty work for you, even in the winter!

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