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Your New Go-To Dog Poop Removal Company

When you hire Poop Patroller, you are not hiring a franchise. We are a local, veteran-owned dog poop removal service that wants to be your second best friend! Here, we specialize in poop removal for all breeds of canines. We also use compostable waste bags in place of plastic bags, because, like your pup, we care about the environment as well.

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At Poop Patroller, we value your time and make exceptional
customer service a priority. Our trustworthy and dependable squad shows up on time, in branded apparel and clearly marked vehicles; ready to give you back a yard you can use for family recreation & entertaining. Plus, we disinfect our shoes and tools in between every visit to prevent transmission of diseases.


Our goal as a dog poop removal company is to clean up your yard and leave it free from landmines. Experience our high-quality service and never scoop your dog’s poop again! 

We never put waste in your trash bins!

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 Rates Starting at $14.00/visit 

How frequently should we come?

Your Options


You will be set up on a weekly schedule to have your dog’s poop scooped. We will come by on the same day each week, and you won’t need to be there!

Twice-Per-week service

If you have multiple dogs, a very large dog, or a small yard, this is the best option for you. Schedule will vary by location.


We can make your yard as clean as possible for a party, special event, and move in/out. Popular with real estate agents, landlords, renters, and property management companies.

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Every Scoop Helps an Animal in Need

Hire our pooper scooper company to make a difference beyond just your backyard. Poop Patroller is a proud sponsor of the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. We gladly donate a portion of our revenue from each and every job we do to this very worthy cause.

100% Satisfaction “Re-Doo” Policy

Our Guarantee

If you are not happy, we will simply not charge you for that service, or we will be right back out to re-doo the job. It is that easy! We hold our squad to a very strict expectation for the care and treatment of all animals.

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See what our customers have to say about us and our services!

What I love about Poop Patroller is the effort made to prevent cross contamination, their reliability, and they always do a very thorough job! Scheduling is super easy and they provide excellent customer service!


We are very happy we chose Poop Patroller to service our yard. As seniors, getting reliable help for maintaining our yard has been difficult. We’ve come to depend on Poop Patroller and especially like the photo sent at the end of each service showing our gate securely closed.


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