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Dog Poop Scooping Service in Lincolnia, VA

Nothing can ruin a family day playing in the yard more than the unmistakable sight (and smell) of dog poop. We all forget to scoop the poop every once in a while, and you can admit it’s probably not your most favorite task. Let Poop Patroller take this chore off your hands with our residential dog poop scooping in Lincolnia, VA.

Being a pet parent should be all about the cuddles and playtimes, not about dodging doggy doo-doo. That’s why our team of professionals is committed to providing top-tier dog poop scooping service in Lincolnia, VA. We get down and dirty so you can keep your hands clean and your backyard pristine.

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But wait, we’re not just about residential services. We also offer commercial dog poop scooping services in Lincolnia, VA. So if you’re a property manager, landlord, or business owner with a pet-friendly policy, we’ve got you covered, too.

Reliable Service

At Poop Patroller, we’re committed to performing the best job every single time. We use compostable poop bags instead of plastic ones to help protect our environment. We also sanitize our shoes and tools to prevent disease transmission between each home. So not only do we care about our planet, but we also care about your dog’s health.

Flexible Options

Our services are also very flexible and accommodating to your schedule. Weekly poop scooping? Check. One-time cleanup for a special event or moving in/out? Check. And remember, our satisfaction guarantee ensures that if you’re not delighted with our work, we’ll come back and make it right. That’s the Poop Patroller promise.

And if you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll come back and “re-doo” the job completely free!

We offer weekly, twice-weekly, and one-time service to homeowners, landlords, and commercial businesses, and we serve everyone in our community!

Our Promise

Our promise to you is simple: a 100% satisfaction “re-doo” policy. If you’re dissatisfied with our work, we’ll come back and “doo” it right. That’s the Poop Patroller guarantee!

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Dog Poop Scooping Service in Lincolnia, VA

Don’t let dog poop hijack your day. Reach out to Poop Patroller, your go-to dog poop scooping in Lincolnia, VA. Call us at 703-624-5161 or email us at for a service quote or more information.

With Poop Patroller, every scoop matters. Let us handle the dirty work. So if you’re ready to step into a cleaner tomorrow, we’re just a phone call away.

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