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Many homeowners are switching to artificial turf lawns because they are low maintenance. Imagine all the time you’ll save mowing the yard during the growing season! If you’ve recently made the switch, there are a few things you need to know about maintenance, especially for dog owners. Continue reading to explore four tips for maintaining artificial grass when you have dogs.

Start a Weekly Maintenance and Cleaning Routine

Most artificial grass requires weekly cleaning and maintenance. This routine will help eliminate dirt and debris to ensure it doesn’t build up. Spraying it down with a hose is usually enough to keep everything clean.

Rake and brush the turf and pull against the grain. This tip will keep the artificial grass looking perky and stiff. Regularly clean up after your dogs when they drop their waste. Applying a deodorizer is also a good idea and will ensure that the artificial grass smells clean and fresh.

Remove Bacteria

Pet waste, blood, and other substances will leave bacteria on the artificial grass. Mix mild soap or vinegar and water to create a cleaning solution. Apply the solution with a garden hose or spray bottle, depending on the size of the soiled area.

Eliminate Stains

Substances besides pet waste can end up on your artificial turf. The great news about turf is that it’s fairly stain resistant. Most elements will quickly and easily wash away with water.

If you’re attempting to remove a sticky substance, such as gum, use ice to freeze and remove it, or try a putty knife. Avoid using a power washer on your artificial grass. Instead, gently scrub a mild soap or vinegar and water mixture to remove the stain. You can also purchase a turf cleaner.

Always Clean Up After Your Pet

Cleaning up after your pet regularly is essential to artificial grass maintenance. Leaving pet waste sitting on the grass will create odors and fill your lawn with unwanted germs.

Remove the matter and hose the area down to eliminate any remaining germs. For urine, use the hose to spray down the spot and a spray bottle to apply a mixture of vinegar and water or turf deodorizer. You can also hire a pooper scooper company to remove the pet waste. These businesses are excellent for dog owners who are short on time.

These tips will help every dog owner maintain their artificial grass. Well-maintained turf can last up to 20 years and is an excellent alternative for anyone. Plus, you don’t ever have to mow or water it!

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