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Ah, the seventies—a time for disco, bell-bottoms… and white dog poop? Believe it or not, during this decade, it seemed like all dog poop was white. But what happened to the white dog poop from the ’70s? How come you don’t see it anymore? Dig into the mystery of the missing white dog poop by learning what it means, why it’s not common anymore, and how our services at Poop Patroller can help!

A Blast From the Past

Traveling back to the ’70s, you’ll notice that the dog food completely differs from what we serve our furry friends today. A main ingredient in dog food from the ’70s was bone meal. Bone meal is rich in calcium, which, after ingestion, turns dogs’ waste white as it dries out. This ingredient is what caused many American homes to experience white dog poop.

Today, dog food manufacturers have moved away from using bone meal and instead use digestible and nutritious ingredients. This change led to the disappearance of white dog poop—which, let’s be honest, we’re not too nostalgic for.

Healthier Dog Food, Healthier Environment

The shift from bone meal to better-balanced, more digestible ingredients in dog food has removed white dog poop from our lawns and improved our dogs’ overall health. Modern dog foods now focus on providing the essential nutrients and proteins dogs need without the indigestible fillers that can lead to health issues.

Additionally, the disappearance of white dog poop has been helpful to the environment. The bone meal in old dog food sometimes came from contaminated bones, which could release toxic chemicals into the ground when the dog’s waste decomposed. By removing bone meal from the equation, we’re improving our dogs’ health while taking better care of the planet.

Poop Patroller Services

At Poop Patroller, we see and find a variety of different colored dog poop. The color of your dog’s poop can tell you a lot about their health. While our main priority during our dog poop pick-up services is to ensure your yard is free from dog poo, we’re also upfront and personal with the poop. Therefore, we will notice something might be off by the way the poop looks. If we notice anything out of the ordinary, such as white dog poop, we’ll immediately let you know so that you can take care of your favorite companion’s well-being.

What happened to the white dog poop from the ’70s? Simply put, we moved on to better dog food options that promote healthier pets and a cleaner environment. After all, progress is all about moving forward and making choices that benefit both our four-legged friends and the world we share with them. Don’t forget to consider our dog poop pick-up services—leave that unpleasant chore to us!

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