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As spring arrives, dog lovers find themselves faced with the additional task of cleaning up residual spring doggie waste. After a long winter, thawing ground reveals piles of dog poop that may have been hidden for months, catching us off guard despite our efforts to address them earlier. The emergence of these surprises, even if we thought we had addressed most of them, poses a risk of slipping and sliding on our greening lawns, with shoe-poo becoming an unwelcome and stubborn adversary. Luckily, there are yard poop cleanup services in Northern Virginia that can help!

Beyond the inconvenience and embarrassment of encountering dog waste, there are important reasons to prioritize its cleanup. Beyond being a courtesy to family, housemates, and neighbors, it’s crucial for environmental health. Dog waste contains harmful bacteria and parasites that can contaminate soil, disrupt native plant ecosystems, and pollute water supplies, posing risks to pets, humans, and wildlife alike. Therefore, responsible waste management is essential for maintaining the health and balance of our surroundings. Yard poop cleanup services in Northern Virginia can offer support to help safely dispose of the waste.

Start Early

As soon as the gray skies give way to sunshine or the snow melts away, it’s time to start searching for those elusive piles of dog poop. The longer you delay, the more difficult it becomes to clean up. Once this less-than-pleasant task is complete, you can focus on the enjoyable aspects of spring, such as planning your gardens! Yard poop clean-up services in Northern Virginia can provide a new yard for you to enjoy in the warmer months to come. With your lawn chairs and barbecue set up, there’ll be no need to tiptoe around any remaining mess.

Pick the Right Tools

If your yard is dry or your pup’s waste is still frozen solid, a sturdy garden or leaf rake can effectively dislodge and sweep up those hard deposits. However, if the waste has thawed and become damp or mushy due to snow or rain, a pooper scooper, small shovel, or trowel is your top choice. Using disposable or garden gloves can be especially helpful, as they provide added protection from touching waste or sticky debris that may cling to tools like the rake. After all, no one wants to handle waste or debris with bare hands, do they?

Be Through

Be sure to inspect all areas where your dog may have relieved themselves, including the perimeters of your yard and beneath bushes. Taking the time to be thorough now is preferable to discovering an overlooked pile later, possibly stuck to the bottom of your garden basket.

Dispose of Poop Properly

When dealing with significant amounts of waste, it’s advisable to bag the waste, securely tie the bag, and dispose of it in the trash. Avoid dumping large quantities of waste into your backyard compost pile or simply raking it off the edges of your yard. Even in compost bins, waste may still emit odors, and the bins often lack sufficient heat to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and parasites. For more information on composting dog waste and proper disposal methods, check out our articles on these topics, as well as tips for flushing dog waste.

Hire a Professional Dog Poop Clean Up Service

If you find this task unpleasant or lack the time and desire to thoroughly clean your yard, consider hiring a professional dog poop cleanup service. Yard poop clean-up services in Northern Virginia can provide a new yard for you to enjoy in the warmer months to come. Allow them to handle the dirty work on your behalf, freeing you from this chore. A professional will also have the knowledge and tools to dispose of the poop safely.

 Yard Poop Clean-Up Services in Northern Virginia

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